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Have you heard about PC Sarkar, Sylvester the jester, Andrew goldenhersh, David Blaine? They are not at all my friends; they are the great magicians of the world. Magic is an art of making something that is nothing. It means creating something which does not exist or is not predicted to survive at a peculiar time. Magicians are always liked by children’s and grown up’s. People often try to copy them for what they do.

You can or cannot be a magician, but you can of course use a magician; none other than the magician of graphics, whom I call photoshop image manipulation.

Picture manipulation is a magician of graphics that can create surprising effects like to human magicians or lot more than they can create. Can a human magician create a man with goats face, pig’s tail, giraffe’s neck and stomach of hippopotamus? No, of course not but photoshop image manipulation can do that.

With photo manipulation you can generate life in all the ideas that comes in your mind. Photoshop image manipulation is not a tool of any software but it is a technique that is used to manipulate / change images to reflect the imagination of a designer.

If you notice the pictures that come to your mails being forwarded by your friends like a man with a tail or baby with a mustache then don’t be surprised. They are the after effects of image manipulation techniques.

I still remember one of the photographs I received in my mail 2 weeks before. It pictured a man with a stomach large as 10 meters, with a caption “first man to be shown in Guinness book of world records for his biggest stomach.” I was surprised to read it and thought can anyone have such a big stomach? Then I was able to understand that it was the output of a creative photo manipulation.

How better they look, the more they have efforts behind them. It is hard and tedious to work upon an image that has to be manipulated to an imaginative character or theme. You can create and generate outstanding achievements in this field of art. More that an art it is a skill none other than a god’s gift. Everything in manipulation cannot be done through software; it requires human intervention to get the things created with a various taste.

If you can be a person who has skills and confidence at creating things then you are the best person to handle this magician.

The significant note I would like to mention with this magician would be “Handle with care”. As each valuable resource has its advantages and disadvantages, so has this little chap. Manipulation though is cool to eyes may even make large problems if it is not used properly. As you can create a dog out of a cat so is the adverse effect connected to it. It can be used improperly to make scams and fake photos.

So use it to make deigns and art that never cause harm to others or hurt their feelings. An art expresses 1000, 10000 meaning; they are not described they are predicted so try to use them to be predicted better.

Article by: Abhilash
SBL - Technology People Trust
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