Different types of Photoshop image editing services

Photoshop services are photo restoration, retouching, adding special effects to your photographs—such as frames, grafting, trimming, padding, and just about anything you desire. All this applies to black and white and full color photographs.

Some Photoshop services are explained below.

Clipping path: Clipping paths means tracing a vector line description integrated into your image file that tells software where to "clip" the image. Usually it's used to knockout the background of an image.

Digital photo albums: Digital photo albums are collections of irreplaceable photographs that have been converted to digital format.

Photo masking: Photo masking is one of the most necessary pre-production work of graphic designing and used for background removal of any complex image.

Image enhancement: Image enhancement means transforms your digital images to make ordinary shots look brilliant. From adjusting saturation, color correction, contrast, brightness and density of images to applying filters, removing or inserting backgrounds, cropping and removing blemishes, noise and grains in images

Image manipulation: Image manipulation means a fancy way to describe retouching photographs and/or adding filters and special effects to photographs digitally

Image coloring: Picture coloring means recolor your images, give new shades and patterns, and set the right tinges at the right place in your photos making them incomparable according to your needs.

Image stitching: Image stitching is the process of combining multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a segmented panorama or high-resolution image

Leaflets designing: Leaflets designing are considered to be the most effective and important element in the promotional marketing. It serves two of the most important aspects- a good flyer design gives an everlasting impression of the product and secondly it spells out the objectives of the clients. Getting a good and impressive flyer design speaks itself for the quality, products, and for the services.

Brochure designing: Brochures can effectively advertise events, restaurants, products, and many other things.
The content is the main part for having a good brochure.

Movie Poster designing: Posters are another way of communicating your information. They are best used as an aid to a discussion and should only represent the essence of your topic. The better your poster design, the more likely your audience will understand your project.

Business card designing: An extensive range of online business card templates and design categories to give you the most appropriate business card design to suit your business image

Corporate Logo designing: Logo Design is the illustration of the business. It is considered to be the tool which gives the first impression of a business. Before starting a business much consideration is given to corporate logo design and company logo design. The logo should be designed according to the name of the company and the business product.

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Image stitching

“Image stitching” have you heard this word before?
If yes then you are a person who should read this article and if no! Then you are the right person to read this article.

Virtual panorama photography, panorama creation and virtual panorama stitching are gaining attention these days. The application of these being unlimited are said to conquer the next generation. Normal photography can capture an area which a human eye can see, but photo stitching captures a wide angle view.

I would first like to explain the three terms I discussed prior “ panorama photography”, “virtual panorama design” and “virtual tours”, before I continue to write on the next generation virtual panorama design.

360 degree panorama photography is a photography technique of capturing a wide area in a photographic image, basically an image of 2:1 aspect ratio i.e. an image with twice the length than the width.

Panoramic creation is a process of creating a “Tiff” or a “jpeg” image (a panorama output) by stitching different exposures and angles.

Virtual tours are representation of a panoramic image on a moving canvas that resembles the real world view of that photograph to human eye.

It becomes very hard to picturize a wide area through a normal camera and photograph, imagine 500 persons sitting around a room. You cannot capture them through normal camera on a single photograph, here panorama gets attention.

Panoramas are created by assembling a group of images shot at different angles in an area. A camera with a rotating head over a tripod is mounted to capture different shots across a background. The camera remains at a unvarying place and captures different shots by simultaneous rotations and exposures. To get a better image of a location different shots are captured for the same location or same object. These are combined to get a perfect clarity.

All the shots of an area are stitched using software’s for stitching such as PTGUI or Pano Viewer. These stitched photos are later checked for clarity and corrected through photo retouching and restoration in Photoshop. The images being shot for a panoramic creation should have an overlap with the next image in series to get perfect panorama stitched. The better the shots are taken the better will be the final panorama output.

Also HDR “high dynamic range” imaging is used to create a panorama, HDR images are created by combining a dark and a bright exposure of same image. According to Charles Wyckoff “ an HDR is the process of tone mapping together with bracketed exposures of normal digital images, giving the end result a high, often exaggerated dynamic range” [ taken from wikipedia ].

A virtual tour is also used nower days to capture areas of large hotels, houses (real estate) and conference halls and represented through virtual tours. Virtual tours are created by compounding several panoramas into a flash or “QT” template and then integrated into a website that is kept live for visitors.

Virtual panorama in the next generation will be used for games and promos. It is also helpful for animators to portray the real world with visual effects to create a virtual reality space. I do suspect that promotion of games will get a fast starting point with the introduction of panoramas.

Panoramas have made each of us to sit at home and to get the real view of the hotels we want to stay or the home we want to buy. All can be verified without actual user intervention. For jewelry to show all the jewels is now easy through the representation of them through panoramas, no fear of theft.

The next generation will see a great advancement in this area of art, even though recession has slow down the growth but still I believe it will surpass the barriers to get out breathing the fresh air of luck and development again.

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photo stitching

Photoshop Masking Services for your difficult hairs

When you design an animated video you want the main object to be without a background. This helps to place it on several background and use various styles to it.

Animating video is based on certain theme which you select before the actual work begins. If your object is a book or a pen you can easily remove it from its background using clipping path(a pen tool is used in Photoshop for image clipping paths). When the image or object is a girl / boy with big hairs or a peacock with feathers spread around then you cannot imagine clipping to solve your problem.

The next solution to this is the masking. Masking is a method in Photoshop that helps you clip or take out objects from its background. It helps to take out complex objects where minute details count; it has a pretty more work than a pen tool. Masking images are better in appearance as they can provide the detailed hairs even removed from the background image.

You can later use them for your animations. Detailed instructions describing how an photoshop image masking operation is done can be obtained from any tutorial, but as I discussed about it I will explain in brief.

Steps for masking an image:

1. Make a duplicate layer of the image so that we are not manipulating the original one.
2. You can then hide the background through the visibility icon. Click it to hide the background.
3. Then choose Color Range from the Menu above and select the Left Eye Dropper tool and select the background color. Make the picture mostly black by moving fuzziness slider and till you get the background clean. White is the area which we need to remove.
4. Select the Channels palette with your selection being kept active.
5. Click the save selection channel button, to make the new alpha channel visible.
6. Press “Ctrl” to Deselect and click on Alpha 1 in the channels palette.
7. This will make the main window turn black and white.
8. Now choose a brush and make the edge hard and paint over all the areas that belong in the object to mask out.
9. Hold “Ctrl” key and click on the Alpha 1 thumbnail. You will now see an active selection.
10. Then click on RGB to see the color image and choose the working layer and press the Backspace key. Now you have your object masked.

The steps are very easy; you need to do adjustments so that the object does not lose its details. While masking in Photoshop you may notice that there are certain areas that need a bit fine tuning. You can then repeat the above steps to get a bit best effect.

When you use this technique regularly, you will notice that it is all easy to get the things done. Also you may appoint some staffs who are better at these skills and you can focus on other tasks for animating your video.

With the outsourcing trend being active, many Design firms have started outsourcing their works offshore to cut down their work and to take out excess manpower and infrastructure requirements.

As far as image outsourcing is concerned the editing of images is not so bad. You may trust a better organization in the market, which has proved its expertise with its work. Try providing a tedious work at first. Get it fine and then you can be sure at your later works.

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Leaflets / Flyers Designing

Leaflets are always assumed great for your company. They are a single page flyers that are distributed to promote the written matter or brand printed upon them. Flyer designs have always been one of the most effective marketing tools available to businesses and organizations.

A5 size is the standard flyer size. 130gsm gloss art paper printed full color both sides. The business quality feel of these flyers is so good that people are reluctant to toss them away.
Your message will stay longer because the flyers stay around longer.

The success of leafletss as a marketing tool has been proven over the years. It is a scatter gun approach to marketing. Stand in your high street (or where your prospects gather in numbers) and hand out your flyers. Make it punchy with a must read message and you can almost guarantee a big return on your investment. If you are looking to "get it out there" in a local market then flyers are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Leaflets are incredibly useful. Flyers aren't just for advertising garage sales anymore, although they are great for that too. Flyers can be used in so many ways it's easy to lose track.

Flyers can be furnished for the following:

• Film Festival Flyer
• Product Sales Flyer
• Special Promotion Flyer
• Flyer Designs For Auctions
• Grand Opening Announcement Flyer
• Real Estate Flyer
• Fund-Raising Flyer
• Flyer Designing For New Home Sales
• Weekend sales Event Flyer

A strategically focused and to-the-point business flyer will always catch the attention of prospective customers. Also a well-designed business flyer is equivalent to your target market perusing a full-page ad.

The main advantage with the business flyers / leaflets are that they can be introduced at any place whether it is a bookstore, parking lots, or restaurants etc. It is entirely up to you wherever you think that your target audience is you can reach out there. It starts by approaching a stranger. New contacts occur every day in this informal and personnel manner. With a little initiative, a person passing them out might be able to close a sale or to be referred to someone who may need your product.

There are many leading companies specialized in the flyer designing jobs in photo editing. By letting these jobs to the right company can lift off much of your work and the related stress. With the help of flyers you can reach out to a wider target audience as compared to giving an advertisement in the newspaper. With flyers you enjoy an extra freedom to express more with your product and that too without spending more money.

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pamplets designs

Use of image clipping and photoshop masking services

Image clipping and photoshop masking are graphic terms used in designing industry.

Clipping paths is a closed vector path that helps to knockout an image in a image editing software.

Photoshop masking is used to isolate a portion of an image from the rest of a photo, provided the photo has edges that are not well-defined.

Today clipped images are used directly on various media such as magazines, packages, flyers, banners, etc. They are also used to eliminate the background of an image when exporting the image to a page layout, a vector-editing application, or for printing purposes.

Photo masking is mostly used for creating product catalogs. Also known as image Masking, it is used with Clipping Path technique to knock the background out of complex image to be placed for advertisement display in e-commerce website. Photoshop Masking is further useful when clipping paths alone is not applicable on hair, fur, or semi translucent images like flames, highlights, muslin, chiffon & glasses, feathers, smoke, lighting etc.

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Best graphics magician –Picture Manipulation

Have you heard about PC Sarkar, Sylvester the jester, Andrew goldenhersh, David Blaine? They are not at all my friends; they are the great magicians of the world. Magic is an art of making something that is nothing. It means creating something which does not exist or is not predicted to survive at a peculiar time. Magicians are always liked by children’s and grown up’s. People often try to copy them for what they do.

You can or cannot be a magician, but you can of course use a magician; none other than the magician of graphics, whom I call photoshop image manipulation.

Picture manipulation is a magician of graphics that can create surprising effects like to human magicians or lot more than they can create. Can a human magician create a man with goats face, pig’s tail, giraffe’s neck and stomach of hippopotamus? No, of course not but photoshop image manipulation can do that.

With photo manipulation you can generate life in all the ideas that comes in your mind. Photoshop image manipulation is not a tool of any software but it is a technique that is used to manipulate / change images to reflect the imagination of a designer.

If you notice the pictures that come to your mails being forwarded by your friends like a man with a tail or baby with a mustache then don’t be surprised. They are the after effects of image manipulation techniques.

I still remember one of the photographs I received in my mail 2 weeks before. It pictured a man with a stomach large as 10 meters, with a caption “first man to be shown in Guinness book of world records for his biggest stomach.” I was surprised to read it and thought can anyone have such a big stomach? Then I was able to understand that it was the output of a creative photo manipulation.

How better they look, the more they have efforts behind them. It is hard and tedious to work upon an image that has to be manipulated to an imaginative character or theme. You can create and generate outstanding achievements in this field of art. More that an art it is a skill none other than a god’s gift. Everything in manipulation cannot be done through software; it requires human intervention to get the things created with a various taste.

If you can be a person who has skills and confidence at creating things then you are the best person to handle this magician.

The significant note I would like to mention with this magician would be “Handle with care”. As each valuable resource has its advantages and disadvantages, so has this little chap. Manipulation though is cool to eyes may even make large problems if it is not used properly. As you can create a dog out of a cat so is the adverse effect connected to it. It can be used improperly to make scams and fake photos.

So use it to make deigns and art that never cause harm to others or hurt their feelings. An art expresses 1000, 10000 meaning; they are not described they are predicted so try to use them to be predicted better.

Article by: Abhilash
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image manipulation

How to get your Photoshop clipping paths work, in 2 simple steps?

All my articles for image clipping services, the so called clipping paths services have seen change after successive months. You could have a person removed from the background, a girl traced out with her hairs minutely, you can get a cat removed from one background and placed to another, what else? Is it what a clipping paths or a background removal service mean? No!

Clipping paths services are a good part of business process that you could sell to the customer’s world wide. Their meaning and purpose change as per their clients. From Japanese to European, from Advertisements to Publication they have different meaning. Clipping paths service is the basic part of any image manipulation process, better called as a raw material for any critical task.

You need better output as image, clarity in your work or you need to project an image real; all that comes as a basic operation is the so called background removal or image clipping. When you see Bill gates holding your friends hand and that appears to you as a real photograph, it might be the skill of a Photoshop image editor. Image editor need a person to clip his images or possess the quality to clip his images using Photoshop. Whatever may be the medium to get it done, the end result is necessity.

Now how to get clipping paths done in 2 simple steps:

1. Search over the internet for a clipping paths service and find a provider.
2. Delegate your work to him and get it done in time, ensure quality and time.

These are the two necessary steps you should possess to manage large clipping jobs. Get rid of your problematic job of clipping an image from the background by following the steps above. You should have a managerial capability to have the things done and output generated in a proper manner. If you do not have the same then give it to an organization that possess some skills at managing image editing projects and has stringent quality control and quality assurance process.

If you plan to outsource your image editing jobs like image clipping, you must ensure whether it is outsourced to the right hands. Around the clock services will be provided by most of the outsourcing companies. Image outsourcing is a part of the outsourcing business and you could have your business process outsourced to one who has real expertise at it.

Follow the steps to get your Photoshop clipping paths work done without hassle.

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deep etching

How to make transparent background

Remove the unwanted background from your image by using Adobe photoshop.

Simple steps to clip the image

Step 1. Open the image from file menu> select the pen tool from tool box and select the path and add to path area + from menu bar . Then outline the image with pen tool or Lasso tool. Magic wand tool is also used for this but pen tool is more accurate.

Step 2. After creating the clipping path, save the work path by double clicking on the work path or save path from path window

Step 3. Now we can able to select the traced path (use Ctrl + Enter or right click and make selection) and possible to move somewhere with help of move tool.

Step 4. After selecting the object go to the menu bar and select > Inverse(Shift +Ctrl + I)

Step 5.Select the background and fill the color from Edit >fill (select background color or foreground color )

step 6. Also we can make transparent background too. When you should unlock the layer (Double click the layer on the layer pallet) and inverse the selection and finally delete the background.

Lets try ......
Tutorial By: Jinu
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Deep etching

What are Image Etching Services / Deep Etching Services?

In digital image editing, deep etching is one of the most popular services. Background removal is known as deep etching. Images when deep etched look better to use on websites. “Images are to be deep etched from the background”, this means a perfect cutout from a background.

Business prefer to use deep etch services as they have a flexibility to be used in any background and any Ad promotions. Images that are subjected to deep etch signify removal from its background, which is also known as image etching or deep etching. Image etching can be done by using the path selection tools like pen tool.

Deep etch images are used in fashion websites, e-gift shopping websites, e-commerce websites, dating websites etc. Deep etch photographs allow the flexibility to designer for applying his skills and play around the graphics arena. They are the bat and ball of a graphics cricket team. There are plenty of service providers who offer deep etch service who offer competitive rates, the advice would be to go for one who has a good quality at better turn around times.

Deep etch services are classifieds into four types according to the complexity of the images. They are the following:

*Complex deep etch service
*Deep etch service with Shadow
*Basic deep etch service
*Simple deep etch service

Deep etch services are also known by the names image etching services, image silhouette services, clipping paths, image silo services, image cutout services, image clipping service, background removal services,image tracing services in different countries and across people.

While searching the word “deep etch services” on internet, a large number of companies will list on the search result. Most of the company’s provides quality and cost effective deep etch services. From the search result you can collect the details of companies and go through their sites and work samples. By choosing the right deep etch services provider from the list you should try testing service and later outsource the work. This will reduce the waste of time and money. You can now concentrate on other productive tasks.

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image etching services

Movie poster ‘floating heads’ designing through photoshop image editing

The magic behind the most widely used trend in movie posters is the ‘floating head’. It is the play of aesthetics than a science.

The world of movies is glitzy and the harbingers of movies are the flamboyant movie posters – now with the trend of making floating heads!

The active tendency in modern film posters recently is to create a black background with the faces of the lead actors/actresses above the name of the movie.

It requires generous amounts of creativity, imagination, dedication and patience to come out with a enchanting movie poster with floating heads, of course with complementing help of photoshop image editing and graphics services.

Though it sounds like child’s play, it is not a cake walk at all. It really needs all the converging attention and aesthetic faculty of a graphic designer or a photo editor from the selection of the faces to be added, the proportions to be given to each face, the colour combinations to choosing a appropriate backdrop.

I have noticed one of the posters of the movie, “Space Cowboys”. I could see faces of four actors in a stark black background – the expression in each of the face conveying their character in the movie with a play of light and shade giving its pecific effect.

Similarly, a movie poster of “Godsend” portrays three faces in a triangle form highlighting an unappealing expression on one of the faces and giving a fiery effect in the middle of the poster with a shadow cast in it. On the parallel track, one of the “Rules of Engagement” posters displays two of its lead actors’ faces showing a flaming inferno under their faces with an armed man’s silhouette in it. Almost convey what the movies are about, isn’t it!

Some prefers the much highlighted face of the hero alone in the poster expressing their ideas through bold strokes of assorted colours to it or some choose a mix and match of half the face of the lead actor in one corner and that of the actress in the opposite corner of the poster to get the desired effect (Malice). The antihero’s face is given particular highlights by some while that of the hero being chased will be given miniature form.

Photoshop image editing or graphics can do a lot of magic in the movie posters with floating heads. A very creative photo editor or graphics designer can express the whole movie’s theme through a single poster by the correct number and proportions of the faces selected, the background colours and the special graphic effects which would enhance the feel and appeal of the whole poster.
In a very interesting movie poster of “Crash”, we can see 17 faces tightly packed up to form a very effective poster. This shows that there are no written rules for creating the floating faces in movie posters. If you are into photo editing with a strong grip in graphics, you can be a successful movie poster maker with floating heads, just let your imagination run wild to discover new trends in this area.

Article by : Rarima N S
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Designing Valentines Day Greetings Card using Graphics Services

The much awaited Valentines Day 2009 is on 14th February.

The hearts in love started racing and skipping beats as Valentine’s Day is fast forthcome. The alluring fragrance of love lingers in the air. Even Mother Nature has ornamented herself with a romantic blend of cool breeze and golden sunny rays to suit the occasion.

In this atmosphere of most sincere and warm emotions, an inevitable thought that flashes through every young mind is nothing but Greeting cards. The possibilities offered by those little cards to the lovers to express their emotions are tremendous.

As times and trends change every now and then, stylized and customized cards are of great demand now. The bubbly youth of today don’t just make a wild chase of their dreams; they do catch them and tame them according to their whims and fancies. They are in search of something unique. Something which no one else owns. Something which would attract envious glances from all corners.

When it comes to matters of a Valentines Greeting card, naturally they would go for only the best. What can be done to get a matchless and special Valentines greeting card? A graphics service provider can help immensely to heighten the intensity of love by designing ‘only one of its kind’ cards.

If you are full of rare ideas, that itself makes the input for the greeting card of your dream. The very flexible and creative graphics services can transform your ideas to exclusive images. These images can be made hypnotic by clipping path service giving them a perfect outline; they can be even transported to any dreamy locale of your choice. Augmenting the beauty of the images, they can be retouched, enhancing the colour tones and shades and even can be manipulated catapulting all our ideas of a usual greeting card.

The very special, personalized and incomparable greeting card that you were awaiting which expresses all that you have for your special Valentine of your life is your prized possession now. Go the way your heart leads you!

Let this Valentine’s Day brighten your love and life by mouthing your feelings through those special greeting cards designed by the aesthetic strokes of graphics services.

Article by : Rarima N S
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Photoshop picture editing and Christmas card designing

The world is waking from the hibernation of the chilly winter to the warm festivities of Christmas! The toil and moil of the year-long hard work is forgotten to welcome the fresh surge of promises brought in by the sound of the Christmas bells.

It is the time to renew friendship and the relations that were swept aside in an attempt to keep pace with the busy work schedule. It is the time to relax. It is the time to send greeting cards to your beloveds to share the joy of the occasion and to tell them that they are remembered with warmth and love?

Shopping malls and net will be throbbing with Christmas cards by now. But are you not bored with the stale images that keep repeated in those cards without any visible changes? Haven’t you ever designed a card at least in your mind for your beloved?

Why do you worry when you have photoshop picture editing to help you with this? Being a very flexible and creative area, image editing can help you in all your image/photo-related problems.

You can approach any of the photoshop picture editing company with any picture or image and just pour in your ideas. They will help you to flawlessly outline your pictures by image clipping, the minute details will be fixed by image masking services, then transport it to a dreamy background to augment its beauty, gives a bit of retouching to perfect it and enhances the photo as if it is all magic.

You can make an amazing album of the memorable vacation you spent with your family in the sandy beaches of Hawaii. You have the album design to customize and showcase your album for the posterity. The coming generation will cherish the nostalgia associated with it for ever!

If your whims and fancies are high-flying, you can even get your pictures manipulated by adding new images to your photos or even deleting unwanted elements from the image you have.

Now you have a unique, customized and refreshing Christmas card and digital album for your close friend or your spouse to make them feel so important in your life.

What are you waiting for? Send them this priceless gift and bask in the happiness and warmth you have spread in their hearts. Happy Christmas!!!

Article by : Rarima N S
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Photo editing for e-commerce websites: Important tips

“An e-commerce site is a content managed website application which allows members of the public to purchase specific products via transactions secured on the vendors website” or in simple terms it is a site where merchandise is sold.

This is a net era. You can have a thriving business sitting at home. Merchandise or services – anything can be sold out through net. But one thing is unchangeable – it all depends on how efficient your website is.

A website is an identity-maker for your business and it carries your dreams to the net browsers round the world once the site is hosted. Currently, the net is being crowded by competing sites mushrooming day by day. From this mess, how would one find your presence? If they reach you also finally, how efficient are you to sell your products?

Don’t panic! I would suggest you some tips if you want to be seen and your presence to be felt.

Suppose you are a jeweler trying to catch up with the rat race! You give advertisements of your jewellery in your site which might look very ordinary ones to the visitor. Is there any way which you can make it look extra-ordinary?

The answer is photo editing. Through photo editing, as the name suggests, you can do any editing process to an image to enhance its beauty. You can always entrust your products to an photo editing company that would beautify your products to get a quick and amazing bid in the market.

By clipping path services, your products get a well-defined outline, more clarity and they can be shifted to any desired background of your choice to give them an aesthetic appeal which would catch the attention the visitors. After all, is there any one who is not fascinated by the gleam of jewellery?

If you are a hair stylist wishing to promote your exclusive and novel hairstyles, the masking services will take care of the very minute and intrinsic styles giving perfect outlines highlighting the beauty of each and every curl of hair. With image editing doing wonders on the images of those great models you employ, well, you’ll be surprised by the enquiries and orders you get.

The real estate people are hit hard at present. There is no use sitting at home cursing the current trends. Rise up to the occasion and try moving a step ahead of your competitors. Make the photos of the properties or houses you want to sell more attractive through photo retouching services or photoenhancement service. Give them that fresh and much sought after look by retouching the colour tones or by enhancing the brightness or contrast of the photograph. Get the traffic back to your site and be a proud and successful real estate dealer.

Above all, you have the virtual tours where you get multiple images of the property for sale stitched immaculately into a single whole and can be displayed in your site. Your customer gets a real virtual tour of that property sitting at home without making those usual excursions to the site

Photo editing is a very creative area and an e-commerce website obviously becomes a very prospective client to an photo editing firm.

Article by : Rarima N S
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Photoshop image editing and image cutout in the background of financial crisis

Financial crisis has knocked the world with vengeance. Hundreds and thousands of people lost their jobs having nothing to lean on for the future. But the hardest truth is that when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going! The world belongs to them who attempts to rise up from the ashes.

The real phoenix in this scene of chaos is the outsourcing industry. The demand of picture editing/photo editors are on the rise now compared to the past, especially the clipping path tracing. This is a strenuous job and needs precision.

What are the areas that need photoshop image editing/clipping path tracing? From the prestigious film industry and the glamorous advertising arena to busy professional photographers – they all need the services of an external company to do the image tracing works for them. By this, they are saving their time, energy, and most significantly, their costs.

Have you ever thought about the perfection in the background of a scene in a much talked about movie, the completely blending backdrop in the still photograph of a million-worth model or the frozen beauty of the tantalizing scenery? If you have noticed this also, you will lavishly praise the cinematographer or the photographer behind the scene.

But the fact is that the aesthetic sense of an picture editor with special skill in clipping path has done the wonders in the above mentioned works of art. With skilled experience in clipping path, an picture editor can trace a path around an image, outline it perfectly and even transform and transport that image to another backdrop altogether to improve the perfection of the image or scene.

Though image tracing and other related photoshop image editing jobs are time-consuming and strenuous, their possibilities are enormous.

There are many companies specialized in the image tracing jobs in picture editing. Outsourcing these jobs to the right company can lift off much of your work and the related stress, and moreover, outsourcing is an easy way to get specific cost advantages than doing picture editing jobs in-house.

Article by : Rarima N S
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