Differences between Photo masking and Clipping path tracing

In editing images or photos, adobe photoshop, a flexible software, offers various techniques to its users. Photo masking and clipping path tracing are two of the main features of this editing tool. Though photo masking and clipping path tracing appears to be the same at one glance, both of them have many differences when it comes to editing images. Some of the main features which make them differ are given below:

Photo masking

1.Not as flexible as clipping path tracing.

2.Less e-commerce applications.

3.Alpha channel supports other software or commercial applications.

4.Image output size is more.

5.Not used much, compared to clipping path tracing.

6.Even intricate hair structures can be masked with natural effects.

7.Not as fast as clipping path tracing, but fixes complex hair styles faster.

8.The images are saved without a path associated with them

9.Not possible to be saved as a clipped image.

10.Mask tool or techniques such as Layer mask can be used. Output will have smooth edges.

11.Supports only .tiff and .psd.

Clipping path tracing

1.As clipping path tracing is saved, any modification or further use is possible.

2.E-commerce applications are more.

3.Illustrator or In-design wont support clipping path tracing.

4.Image output size is less.

5.More commonly used.

6.Less natural appearance compared to masking when defining hairstyles.

7.Clipping path tracing is faster.

8.In clipping path tracing, the images are saved including their path. Easy to select the path.

9.Clipped image can be saved as a masked image using layer mask or Alpha channel.

10.Pen tool is used. The output obtained will have hard edges.

11.Supports all formats.

Article by : Rarima N S
SBL – Technology People Trust
Photoshop masking

The application of Image editing services in Film Industry

1.Good Ads and media campaigns can promote a film’s success and vice versa

2.Ads, banners, flex, media trailers etc form the main pillars to the launch of a movie as they come far before the film’s release

3.If the shots taken don’t have the desired quality, it has undesirable effects on the minds of the public, whatever the medium be

4.Scope of image editing here with a range of possibilities/services

5.In-house processing adds to many risks like overburdening of staff, cost increase, wastage of creative time and energy etc.

6.Benefits of post processing services/outsourcing

No other recreation has taken us head over heels as the glossy and mesmerizing film industry has done. As a mass entertainer and a mob-mover, the films sometimes take the role of people integrators, moral makers and or to make things worse, iconoclasts. But how far do we know the film industry in detail? How many of us know the hassles and hurdles involved? From the germination of a thought to the final output as spotless movie, a film’s course is not a bed of roses.

Advertisements and media campaigns act as the harbingers of films waiting to be released which make the first impression about a movie. Ads, banners, flex, media trailers etc form the main pillars to the launch of a movie as they appear far before the film’s release. Good ads and media campaigns can boost a film’s success. On the other hand, they can have an impact on film adversely because of the poor and undesired quality. These problems need to be addressed in detail before the promotion of a particular film.

Even though the shots and the locations are carefully selected, there can be various flaws which need consistent attention if they should not have harmful effects on the public. There can be technical errors, lighting errors, complete mismatch of the backgrounds or even in the overall quality of the shots taken. These ill manifestations that come on the ads or media trailers or any other such media are to be isolated before they come to the scrutiny of the public eye.

The scope and possibilities of image editing service is endless. An unwelcome background can be altered and a tantalizing scenic backdrop can be transported to a shot through clipping path/Clipping path services. The errors that occur in the course of a movie can be related to both video and photo sequences. The images or images which are used for the print media that covers the banners and posters have much significance as they reach the people quickly. The flaws in these photos can be edited efficiently by photo editing services.

For example, suppose in the much adored James Bond movie, a shot has been taken in Los Angeles and the art promoter wants to show off the scenic beauty of the English country side in the posters, as fancies have no bounds! Are you thinking how this is possible? Simple! The answer for this often posed question is ‘Photo Editing Service ' . The desired makeover can be done through clipping path service where the Pen tool in Photoshop comes into picture. This can make a complete transformation of whole scene.

As actors and actresses are treated almost as idols, even minute flaws, even in their complexion, can cause a great uproar among their fans. An unappealing scar on the face of the actor, the uninvited laugh lines that make the smile of the actress dull - all these can be removed using image editing. Expert application of blemish correction /Photo Restoration will make the much adored heroes and heroines perfectly in place. Intricate hairstyles can be made attractive through image masking services.

Terrific and delightful changes can be attributed to images by addition or deletion of features or images through the powerful Photo manipulation which give the pictures a hypnotic and larger than life effect. Improper lighting or camera lens settings will cast artificial colour tones in the shot, a complete displeasure to the eyes. Through Photo colouring , these negative aspects can be avoided which would add to the quality of the ads or other means of film promotion. Image quality can be given a pinch of rich look through Photo enhancement.

Other than these, special animation and graphics effect can be brought to the trailers shown through 2D/3D animation services, which would give a magical effect to the sequence displayed. In short, the skillfull hands of image editing services run through all the areas of film advertisement campaigns for the clean, impressive and constructive promotion of films as a whole.

The giants in film industry undertake all the processes involved and do them in-house. But for the mediocre film makers, in-house processing involved in the movie and the ad campaigns has many risks. Some of them are overburdening of manpower, cost increase, wastage of creative time and energy etc. Much of the valuable time and energy is deviated to the string of editing processes which could have been easily diverted to many other indispensable purposes.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of outsourcing to image clipping companies When these image editing service needs in the film industry are outsourced, you are automatically going away from number of hurdles on the way of a good movie ad campaign. One of the most advantageous aspect of outsourcing to image clipping companies is that you are escaping the stress of recruiting additional staff for the editing work. Recruiting new staff necessitates the producers to look for various avenues to pay them which in turn causes unnecessary and additional expenses and wastage of a lot of creative time and energy. By outsourcing the editing works, all their attention can be focused on the valuable commercial aspects of the movie which would make it a big hit in the industry.

Article by : Rarima N S
SBL – Technology People Trust