Differences between Photo masking and Clipping path tracing

In editing images or photos, adobe photoshop, a flexible software, offers various techniques to its users. Photo masking and clipping path tracing are two of the main features of this editing tool. Though photo masking and clipping path tracing appears to be the same at one glance, both of them have many differences when it comes to editing images. Some of the main features which make them differ are given below:

Photo masking

1.Not as flexible as clipping path tracing.

2.Less e-commerce applications.

3.Alpha channel supports other software or commercial applications.

4.Image output size is more.

5.Not used much, compared to clipping path tracing.

6.Even intricate hair structures can be masked with natural effects.

7.Not as fast as clipping path tracing, but fixes complex hair styles faster.

8.The images are saved without a path associated with them

9.Not possible to be saved as a clipped image.

10.Mask tool or techniques such as Layer mask can be used. Output will have smooth edges.

11.Supports only .tiff and .psd.

Clipping path tracing

1.As clipping path tracing is saved, any modification or further use is possible.

2.E-commerce applications are more.

3.Illustrator or In-design wont support clipping path tracing.

4.Image output size is less.

5.More commonly used.

6.Less natural appearance compared to masking when defining hairstyles.

7.Clipping path tracing is faster.

8.In clipping path tracing, the images are saved including their path. Easy to select the path.

9.Clipped image can be saved as a masked image using layer mask or Alpha channel.

10.Pen tool is used. The output obtained will have hard edges.

11.Supports all formats.

Article by : Rarima N S
SBL – Technology People Trust
Photoshop masking


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